Asset protection, international tax planning, privacy.

What do you value most?

Is it money? Or something more? CS&P clients have money, and they certainly value it. But what they care about most is privacy and wellbeing: Keeping their private business private as they enjoy the life they’ve earned. Money helps. But there are things money alone can’t buy.

CS&P clients enjoy a range of services including

  • Confidentiality solutions for business and banking

  • Innovative international tax planning strategies

  • Onshore and offshore company formation

  • Offshore banking and merchant accounts

  • Residence permits, second passports, citizenship programs

Anyone can make money.
But how do you acquire something truly valuable?

Thoreau said “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”
We agree: It’s not the money. It’s what you do with it.

And frequently, the number-one thing our clients want to do with it is … be quiet. Go dark. Be invisible in their financial and legal dealings and business-related communications and interactions. Even when they host a banquet, travel abroad or simply need to acquire a Lamborghini on short notice, they appreciate the level of privacy and discretion that CS&P provides.

After all, the ability to enjoy the success you’ve earned is the most valuable asset you will even hold.