Anonymous Banking

The words “anonymous banking” imply that someone wants to have a bank account where no one knows who owns it.

How To Open Anonymous Bank Account

Anonymous banking can be accomplished in several ways. One way to have anonymous banking is to first set up an offshore corporation in a tax haven country. Most of these countries have laws allowing for anonymous corporations. This is accomplished by using “nominee directors” and “nominee officers” which means hiring the law firm which creates the corporation to supply their own staff to be the corporation directors and officers. That way the true owner’s name never appears in government and public records. The first step towards anonymous banking has been accomplished.

A second way to achieve anonymous banking is to use a tax haven country allowing “bearer shares” where the name on the corporate stock certificate simply says “bearer”. Whichever individual actually is in possession of the bearer share owns it. No records of shareholders are kept anywhere as their names are never on share certificates. This is a greater step towards getting anonymous banking.

Once the offshore corporation is set up it needs to open an anonymous bank account. Tax haven countries have major international banks along with local ones to choose from for anonymous banking. Most tax haven countries have bank secrecy laws but many have been forced to change them to become “transparent” where the account’s owner is revealed defeating anonymous banking. The tricky part is to be the bank account’s signatory without being seen by foreign governments or debt collectors. That is why you need to find tax haven countries having strict bank secrecy laws severely punishing bank employees for disclosing customers´ names which is a requirement for anonymous banking. Another way to open anonymous bank account is to use a trusted friend or relative to be the bank account’s signatory. This involves one hundred percent trust.

Some people use an offshore Trust to control the anonymous bank account whereby an attorney or trustee is the signature which accomplishes anonymous banking. However, you must be sure that the trustee is indeed trustworthy.

An offshore private foundation can also own all of the shares of the offshore corporation owning the anonymous bank account. However, it still boils down to who can make withdrawals from thebank account. What good is anonymous banking if someone steals all the funds or the true owner has no control over the anonymous bank account? Your only options are to be the bank account’s signatory or to use a trusted person.

Anonymous Bank Account: Anonymous Online Banking and ATM Cards

Anonymous bank accounts also include the typical banking services such as anonymous online banking, credit cards, debit cards, and ATM cards. Whose name appears on these cards? You will defeat anonymous banking if you have your name on any of these cards. Most offshore banks will issue these cards in the offshore corporation’s name. The card signatory simply signs the back of the card which a store salesperson or restaurant or bar cashier matches the signatures while processing the card.