International Asset Protection Services & Solutions

Are you doing enough to protect your most valuable assets?

Asset protection is a term many people do not understand – and that means they often neglect to put asset protection strategies in place.

But failing to have a well thought-out asset protection strategy could mean that your most vital assets – perhaps the foundations of your personal wealth and business value – are at risk in the event creditors, competitors or authorities from local or international jurisdictions move to file a claim against you.

In other words, you need to act before that happens – before it’s too late.

Too often, individuals and corporations start thinking about asset protection when it is too late

People tend to underestimate the importance of creating a solid strategy for protecting their properties and assets that will ensure they are kept in a safe and highly confidential environment. By the time creditors, competitors, and local or international authorities investigate an entity upon discovering sensible information about its estate, it is too late to implement an effective strategy. It is essential to investigate fully customized and innovative schemes and implement one before you enter into possession of an asset. A number of legal routes are available that will enable you to minimize taxes and protect your privacy, thus maximizing your profits and asset value, as well as ensuring safe and cost-effective succession.

Professional Asset Protection Services

There are many theories about asset protection, of which not all have yet been agreed upon or precisely defined by the industry professionals. The only point on which everyone agrees is that there is no single scheme that is appropriate for every situation. Our specialists are qualified and experienced in creating fully customized schemes for international private and corporate clients. We thoroughly analyze each situation, discuss our client’s goals and objectives, and offer a comprehensive, customized and innovative set of strategies for protecting your privacy, minimizing tax liability and, most important, reducing the risk of losing the value of your most valuable assets. With our deep understanding of local and international laws regarding assets, we are able to provide both the strategy and its execution – asset protection services we provide for our corporate and personal clients around the world. Our approach is custom-designed for specific needs and situations; there are no “off-the-shelf” solutions casually snapped into place.

Plan your asset protection strategy with CS&P services

It is critical to have a comprehensive plan in place in advance of acquiring a major asset for business or personal use. Failure to do so not only jeopardizes the long-term value of that asset but also risks your incurring higher tax liability than would otherwise be required.

Benefits of  Our Asset Protection Services

CS&P creates structures that fully protect your confidentiality in high-standing jurisdictions. The provision of fiduciary services for your funds and assets is another strong side for which many clients choose us. We are in touch with our clients 24/7/365 and always work towards your success. As your consultants, we

  • are in constant communication with you
  • ensure efficient communication methods
  • analyse your situation thoroughly
  • craft the most appropriate solution and plan for protection of your assets
  • work with you in the long term throughout the duration of the asset protection strategy
  • pay careful attention to your confidentiality
  • ensure that you are always able to communicate with your main contact at our company
  • constantly adjust the strategy in place, as a response to rapidly changing international legal and business environments
  • provide innovative and effective solutions to any new need that arises in the course of our work

Having a long history of successfully implemented international asset protection strategies, we do not reveal our approaches, techniques, and methods to the general public. We develop individual strategies only for our respected clients, with whom we establish long-term relations based on mutual respect, trust, honesty, and integrity.