International Asset Protection Services

Are you doing enough to protect your most valuable assets?

Failing to have a well-thought-out asset protection strategy could mean that your most vital assets – perhaps the foundations of your personal wealth and business value – are at risk in the event creditors, competitors or authorities from local or international jurisdictions move to file a claim against you.

You have to have a thorough international asset protection strategy in place before it is too late.

Start planning your asset protection today and shield yourself from claims to your hard-earned assets.

CS&P: Professional Asset Protection Services

With years of experience in the field and extensive expertise in international asset protection services, CS&P offers a winning combination of protection techniques for private individuals, corporate clients, and international organizations.

Our Asset Protection Services include:

  • Tailored comprehensive approach for every client
  • In-depth knowledge of local and international laws, taking into the consideration all the possible scenarios, needs and gaps in your unique situation
  • Provision of fiduciary services for your funds and assets
  • Comprehensive asset protection plan and careful evaluation before an asset purchase
  • Legal and effective solutions to minimizing tax liability that protect your confidentiality in high-standing jurisdictions
  • Complete strategy for individual, global and corporate clients along with execution

Plan your strategy with CS&P International Asset Protection Services

CS&P is dedicated to providing premier protective and preventive asset protection services to ensure client’s stability, security and success. As your asset protection consultants, we:

  • are in constant communication with you 24/7/365
  • ensure efficient communication methods
  • analyze your situation thoroughly
  • craft the most appropriate solution and plan for protection of your assets
  • work with you in the long term throughout the duration of the asset protection strategy
  • pay careful attention to your confidentiality
  • ensure that you are always able to communicate with your main contact at our company
  • constantly adjust the strategy in place, as a response to rapidly changing international legal and business environments
  • provide innovative and effective solutions to any new need that arises in the course of our work

What are the Benefits of Asset Protection Services?

The expression ‘by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail’ holds true when it comes to protecting your assets before anything unpredictable happens. Planning ahead of time is key to keeping your valuable assets safe and secure before any claims are made against you. There are a lot of benefits of asset protection services:

  • Planning ahead will help you avoid the ‘fraudulent transfer’ law, which can reverse anything you try to attempt after the claim has been filed.
  • Last minute asset protection planning can backfire if the claim has been filed. In some cases, it is better to do nothing, than attempt last-minute transfers if the claim has been filed. Thus it is best to secure yourself ahead of time. If you think that the worst thing that can happen is reversal on the grounds of fraudulent transfer then think again: you might be liable for more than that.
  • Having well-protected assets can reduce the risk of being sued in the first place. Before taking the case, the lawyer will first determine whether you have something vulnerable worth taking. Proper asset protection planning can deem you not a valuable lawsuit target, thus preventing any potential lawsuits in the first place.
  • Asset protection is an insurance for your insurance. Although professional insurance is necessary, it does not protect your assets from every possible scenario. Asset protection services will help you cover all the ‘gaps’ in your insurance plan.
  • Asset protection services, when implemented thoroughly and in advance, is an ethical and legal form of wealth planning. Using legal tools to structure the financial assets in a way that is beneficial to an individual or a business is within the limits of the law.
  • The main goal of asset protection services is to improve bargaining options, offer defense and protect your valuable assets in case the lawsuit will be filed, instead of having everything you own on the table.
  • Avoid risks and unnecessary tax liabilities by having a comprehensive asset protection plan before purchasing any major assets for personal use or business.

Asset Protection Planning: The Best Strategies

Asset protection planning is quite a complex field, which requires strategic planning, in-depth knowledge of the laws and extensive expertise being well-informed about both the design and defense of the plan.

There are many types and options when it comes to strategies. Some asset protection strategies are complex while some are quite simple. However, each case is unique and requires evaluation and custom-tailored approach, depending on the goal and situation.