The aim of today’s business and each company in particular is the ability to develop strategic planning capacity of its staff, turning them into “know-how” of the company. Experience shows that an effective method for achieving the objectives is the cooperation company managers with a business consultant for the development and implementation of strategic plans. […]

Resident status of individuals and legal entities plays an important role in the activity, as it was in the country of residence you must pay taxes. Each jurisdiction the right to develop and implement its tax policy and rates of direct and indirect taxes. The criteria for resident status may vary by country, but usually […]

Business Consultant is of great importance in the development of your business. Professional consultant should possess adequate knowledge and skills to provide the right advice and the implementation of strategies developed. It is not enough to rely solely on intuition or on theoretical knowledge; right decision – it is the interaction of experience and knowledge, […]

Choosing a business consultant is not easy, but very important step in the organization, management and business development. Today the market is full of private and corporate consultants, and need to know what the quality of the consultant is necessary to evaluate when selected. Professional consultant must meet the following requirements: • Many years of […]

Place of registration of the company and its daily management plays an important role in the development of the company. Selecting a specific jurisdiction for the registration of the company can mean the opportunity for significant tax cuts, and therefore the business process becomes more economical and efficient. Offshore business environment offers exciting opportunities for […]

The number of offshore companies is increasing every year, which are used for: investing; Registration of property and real estate; trading; Registration of yachts and airplanes; Doing a variety of casinos and gambling; Obtaining government licenses for financial institutions and enterprises of gambling; Building insurance companies Building offshore banks; Creation and management of various businesses […]

Offshore and onshore banks offer similar services, including different bank accounts, currency exchange, issuance of credit and debit cards. Some offshore banks offer a limited number of services are under the control of another, most big banks with a full license. These offshore banks have the following advantages: significantly reduced costs for opening bank and […]

It is important to investigate an issue of a corporate entity or private person’s country of residence, as it is directly related to the jurisdiction to which an entity is fiscally connected, thus being liable to pay taxes. There are particular rules on income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, gift tax, withholding tax, custom […]

Aggressive collectors or creditors will not hesitate to go to court to file a suit for judgment that seeks remedies for a debtor’s liability. This is especially true if they know that the debtor owns various properties and other valuable assets. Once a court issues a judgment, the debtor’s assets can be seized, confiscated, garnished, […]

An “offshore law firm” specializes in forming legal entities in different countries. The services provided by the law firm include forming offshore corporations, offshore private foundations, and offshore trusts. In addition, the law firm should be able to provide international tax planning, prepare international contracts, corporate structuring, global asset protection, and wealth management. Some offshore […]