Trust Formation forming an offshore trust Formation of a trust provides a number of advantages for managing the estate and wealth of a private person or corporate entity. A trust is a structure within which a property is managed by one person or entity on behalf of another one. Every trust has a settlor, trustee […]

Having an effective asset protection strategy that allows you to minimize taxes and ensures confidentiality does not mean that you must completely change your lifestyle, habits, and place of work. It is not necessary to move to a tropical island and cancel or limit contacts with your family, friends, and business partners. It is possible […]

Every business owner knows that in order to run a business it is necessary to have a business idea. In order to realize this business concept in practice, one must have an opportunity to do so by developing an effective corporate strategy, which will implemented the idea in practice and achieve the desired objectives. Moreover, […]

In today’s globalized world a successful corporate strategy is the one which extracts advantages from the opportunities the international trading environment is able to offer. Globalization, characterized by opening borders between countries, efficient availability of any kind of information on the Internet, and the ability to communicate in real time with any part of the […]

Admit it or not, people have a love-hate relationship with law enforcement officers. This is probably a universal thing, as throughout most cultures around the globe the role that the police play in society is somewhat of a necessary undesirable. We need law enforcers to secure our communities from actual criminal elements but we want […]

About Offshore Tax Havens In the realm of financial planning, one of the more prominent areas that really grabs people’s interest – as well as raises many eyebrows – is the aspect of taxes. The controversy arises from the fact that tax planning necessarily involves finding ways to reduce a taxpayer’s tax liabilities. There are […]

Historically, a trust as a structure has been mainly used in common-law countries and is still not always understood and appreciated by representatives of civil-law countries. They prefer to use foundations for different purposes as an alternative to trusts. The main difference between these structures is in the rights to control them. A trust must […]