Creating an offshore company

The number of offshore companies is increasing every year, which are used for:

  • investing;
  • Registration of property and real estate;
  • trading;
  • Registration of yachts and airplanes;
  • Doing a variety of casinos and gambling;
  • Obtaining government licenses for financial institutions and
  • enterprises of gambling;
  • Building insurance companies
  • Building offshore banks;
  • Creation and management of various businesses in a particularly favorable and safe buiness environment.

True-structured offshore company offers interesting possibilities for the realization of a variety of purposes, providing a high level of privacy, tax optimization, as often companies can legally operate in tax-free regime. It should be noted that, firstly, not every business can use an offshore company, and secondly, the offshore companies in various offshore jurisdictions are significantly different from each other, and it is very important to choose the most appropriate structure for a certain kind of activity. Despite the fact that the procedure for registering a company in Nevis, Belize, Panama, Dubai, Isle of Man, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands differs slightly, the effective use of the above-mentioned companies not identical jurisdictions. It is necessary to take advantage of professional consulting services to select the correct structure in the country the most appropriate for each case.

For the most privacy, your consultant will be able to provide services nominal directors and shareholders of the company, while the beneficiary companies were not disclosed.

Not only significant tax confidentiality and existing committers for doing business are the benefits that may be offered offshore company. Often effective strategic step is the placement of equipment and technology in one jurisdiction, and doing business – in another country. Moreover, the offshore company can be used as a tool of protection of property – real estate registration, registration of shares to employees and / or charity.