Moving to a new country can raise your standard of living while lowering your tax bill

There are many reasons to relocate: Better weather. A simpler lifestyle. Making your money go further.

Yes, relocating has many advantages. But it’s by no means simple. And the decision to do so shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Relocating to a new country might be the smartest move you ever make

CS&P global relocation professionals will help you think through every aspect of your move and plan it carefully. We’ll use our deep knowledge of 80 jurisdictions around the world to advise you:
• The best country or countries to meet your lifestyle and financial needs
• How to structure your assets to protect your financial security and minimize the amounts of tax you ow
• How to incorporate for maximum tax benefit should you decide to continue working or start a new business
• How to structure your assets to maximize the value of your estate

See how CS&P can help you find and relocate to a new country

Problem: John and Jill are married and living in a country which has not recovered from the 2008 global economic crisis. John is ready to retire only to realize that his retirement nest egg combining his private retirement plan along with his and Jill’s government social security payments are no longer sufficient for a comfortable lifestyle. There is nothing to keep them from leaving their country once they sell their family home. But, they want to find a warm, beautiful country to move to which offers a substantially lower cost of living. In addition, John is still young enough to start a new business in his new country but doesn’t want to pay high income taxes on his profits.

Solution: We can help John and Jill with finding the right country to move to.

In addition, we can assist with applying for permanent residency and citizenship in the new country.

We can also help John with starting a new business in a country which either has no income tax or only taxes income earned inside the country if John’s new business involves exporting, online sales, or sells products or services to customers not residing in his new country.