Enjoy the distinction and perks of an honorary consul appointment or diplomatic passport

Obtaining a diplomatic passport and becoming an honorary consul are both highly esteemed, sought-after privileges reserved for a select few. They also come with unique benefits, including:

  • diplomatic immunity
  • social prestige
  • tax exclusions
  • red carpet treatment at many venues
  • use of special car plates
  • inviolability of personal and business premises
  • display of the country’s flag and coat of arms outside the official premises and on the vehicle
  • priviliged channels for meeting with government officials of any country

But the process of securing either of these distinctions isn’t easy—you need the right contacts and the expertise to navigate the rigorous application protocol.

You need the right contacts and expertise to navigate the rigorous application protocol

That’s where CS&P come in. We’re here to assist you every step of the way, from exploring options, to making introductions, to working as a trusted intermediary between you and government officials. Thanks to our direct contacts with high-ranking officers, we can provide access to powerful decision makers who can help your case.

Let CS&P help position you for consideration

The benefits are myriad, and depend on the country you reside in and the country granting these distinctions. All honorary consuls and some holders of diplomatic passports receive diplomatic immunity, meaning you may be excluded from paying sales tax, property tax, and parking tickets. Additionally, your property and bags may not be searched or entered by authorities of the host country.

However, both distinctions require elite qualifications. Countries may examine your history, business achievements, political clout, reputation, and more; CS&P can help you position yourself in the best possible light for consideration.

Neither diplomatic passports nor honorary consul appointments are ever sold online—you have to work directly through international politicians or a diplomatic consultant, like CS&P.

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