Discover the advantages of taking your online business offshore

Electronic commerce – and now mobile commerce as well – are becoming the de facto norms of the business world. If you’re in business, chances are e-commerce plays a role in what you do. And if you do, you’ve also learned how challenging it can be to set up product catalogs, merchant accounts, pick-pack-and-ship operations and customer service.

And then there’s the issue of tax – and your hunch (correct, in our opinion) that you’re paying too much of it.

We’ll set up an offshore legal entity to own your business in a tax haven – and you personally from liability

CS&P is here to help with the full range of your e-commerce needs – from operations to financing to legal and tax issues.

CS&P financial and operations professionals can identify measures to reduce costs and improve productivity and profitability.

And we can help reduce or even outright eliminate the tax you pay. We’ll set up an offshore legal entity to own your business in a tax haven – with the added benefit of shielding you personally from liability should the business be the subject of a lawsuit. Don’t worry – you yourself needn’t move offshore. We’ll show you how to operate virtually from the comfort of wherever you live today.

Let CS&P help you with e-commerce and m-commerce

Problem: Bob wants to start an online business. He got his website up and running and access to available products he can sell along with shipping arrangements. However, Bob is finding out that it is very complicated to set up a system for taking online orders, getting paid online and shipping products around the world in a profitable manner. Bob is also worried about paying too much in taxes.

Solution: Our Financial Advisory services can help Bob with identifying and implementing cost saving measures in order to improve profitability.

We can also help Bob with relocating the online business to operate out of a tax haven country which will not tax income derived from the sales.

Banking the profits in a tax haven country can continue to protect the funds from being taxed, as well as, the earned interest for the bank accounts. We can facilitate Bob with opening offshore bank accounts for his offshore online business. In addition, our sophisticated proprietary algorithms and software can assist Bob’s business with non-traditional approaches to his marketplace.

We can also assist Bob with the logistics of maintaining a virtual office in an offshore tax haven so Bob can conduct business from his home without having to move to another country.

We can help an E-commerce Business realize greater profitability.

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