Every jurisdiction is different. Do you know which government licenses you need – and where to get them?

It may seem anti-free market but in most parts of the world certain business activities – banking, financial services and gambling, for example – require a license from the local government or government entity with jurisdiction over that area of commerce. And obtaining that license – as you might expect – is rarely straightforward, with requirements that vary from one locale to the next.

Obtaining your license is anything but straightforward; requirements vary from one locale to the next

Needless to say, getting your license to operate the business you wish to operate is critical to the success of your offshore strategy. No license, no business. No business, no tax benefits. Simple as that.

As specialists in the setup and operation of offshore business entities, CS&P has vast knowledge and resources we can bring to bear in dealing with the local governing and regulating authorities in almost any country or jurisdiction in which you would imagine operating. (In fact, if we’re not familiar with the country you are considering, that is an indication you might want to look elsewhere.)

Get help from a team that understands complex licensing requirements

CS&P provides turn-key solutions for the establishment and maintenance of:

  • Banks
  • Financial companies
  • Gambling activities
  • Insurance companies
  • Mutual funds