Two things you can count on are death and taxes. We can help you avoid one.

Death, they say, is complicated – especially if the deceased has accumulated substantial wealth.

How can you be sure your estate will be properly transferred to your heirs? How do you prevent a challenge to your will in probate court – a challenge that can last years while depriving your loved ones of the wealth your worked so hard to provide them with?

How do you prevent a challenge to your will that can last years and deprive your loved ones of the wealth you worked so hard for?

CS&P can help you structure your assets in a way to give you and your heirs complete power over how they are distributed.

Even if you have complicated finances – say, wealth accumulated over the course of two or more marriages – our accounting and estate planning professionals will separate commingled assets and then ensure that the assets you wholly own and wish to pass along are properly set up and protected.

Typically, our consultants will create a new legal entity in a tax-friendly jurisdiction with no inheritance tax. Then, after you pass away, your named heirs become the beneficiaries of these legal entities and the wealth they represent. Instead of enduring a costly and time-consuming probate process, your heirs take immediate control of the legal entities; no one else can file claims. It’s neat, efficient and – most important – effective.

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Problem: Mary is married to a man with children from a prior marriage. Mary also has children from a previous marriage. Mary is worried that when she passes away her husband’s prior marriage children may make claims for her inheritance. Mary has made a substantial amount of money on her investments which were earned prior to her current marriage. She worries that any claims for her inheritance by the non-blood related children will turn into a time consuming and costly probate process which will deplete the inheritance. What can she do?

Solution: We can assist Mary by first evaluating all of her personal assets acquired prior to her current marriage. By splitting them from the current marital joint assets we can create legal entities to take title to her separate assets.

A legal entity based in a tax haven country with no inheritance tax can be created to own the new legal entities.

When Mary passes away the legal entities will remain in place and her named heirs will be the beneficiaries of all of these legal entities. This will allow Mary’s heirs to avoid a timely and expensive probate process while taking immediate control of her separate assets.

The non-blood related children will have no claims against the assets held by these legal entities.

This system can be maintained forever in order for Mary’s heirs to pass on their assets to their heirs.