Intellectual property: Patents, trademarks, copyright and more

According to some schools of thought, your most valuable assets are the ones that originate in your head – your ideas, inventions and methods of doing business.

Laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Consult an expert.

And as such, they need protection.

Of course, statutes and regulations around intellectual property vary from country to country and jurisdiction to jurisdiction. What makes perfect logical sense in one part of the world may be totally off the wall in another. And so, it pays to bring in an expert.

Take advantage of CS&P’s expertise in intellectual property

CS&P executives are experts in patent, trademark and copyright law in jurisdictions around the world – anywhere you would consider doing business. Our team provides advice to clients on a range of matters including:

  • Patent policy development
  • Mining of patents and intellectual property
  • IP valuations
  • Payments of royalties and usage fees
  • Patent, trademark and copyright litigation
  • Management of profits from intellectual property
  • Licensing and management of image rights