International Asset Protection Opportunities

Having an effective asset protection strategy that allows you to minimize taxes and ensures confidentiality does not mean that you must completely change your lifestyle, habits, and place of work. It is not necessary to move to a tropical island and cancel or limit contacts with your family, friends, and business partners. It is possible to have an effective asset protection strategy in place while also continuing your usual daily life.

CS&P works directly in more than 80 jurisdictions and is proud of its successfully realized fully personalized strategies over the last 15 years since asset protection in itself became popular worldwide.

The structures and solutions of different jurisdictions are successful for different situations and clients’ expectations. The use of a Panamanian private foundation, for example, may suit one individual, while it may be meaningless for another person. Offshore company creation in Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, may bring a high level of confidentiality, and a company in Cyprus, a country of the EU, may be vital for an effective tax optimization strategy in a high-standing jurisdiction. It is therefore necessary to have in-depth knowledge of international legislation and business practices in various jurisdictions and to act promptly without intermediaries to implement a personalized asset protection strategy. It is difficult to think of an asset protection strategy today that does not implement within it offshore structures and involves foreign banking partners.

The most important thing to remember at all times is that the basis of an effective asset protection strategy is a high level of confidentiality and solid relations based on mutual integrity with your fiduciary. Your consultant should propose to you a solution that fully corresponds to your objectives and represents an innovative strategy that will not be expected by third parties.