Diversify your portfolio with a well-thought out international investment strategy

Most investors are interested in foreign opportunities. They’re a chance to diversify the portfolio, gain exposure to new markets and hedge against downturns closer to home.

Of course, “exposure” can also mean exposing yourself to risks you don’t understand because of the complex nature of international markets.

Reap the benefits of international investing without putting your assets in jeopardy

CS&P international finance and investment professionals can help you reap the benefits of international investing without putting your assets in jeopardy.

• Our international contracts law services can help you and your business negotiate international financial contracts around franchising, licensing, distribution and representation – in addition to foundational commercial and confidentiality agreements.
• Our international tax planning professionals will provide guidance with regard to global tax minimization, devising strategies for reducing or eliminating the amount of tax you or your business owes. If an offshore legal entity is a good option for you – as it often is – we can help facilitate that.
• Finally, if intellectual property is involved, our international IP professionals will help make sure your work of art or invention is correctly protected.

Learn about CS&P international investing solutions

Problem: Ronaldo has found an investment opportunity in a foreign country but doesn’t know anything about international contracts, foreign taxes, and how to protect him from being cheated in case this investment is a scam. He thinks this can be a profitable investment but needs help with avoiding the pitfalls related with foreign investments.

Solution: We can offer Ronaldo our International Contracts Law services which can help him to negotiate contracts pertaining to international investments including commercial and confidentiality agreements, franchising & licensing agreements, representation and distribution agreements, along with sales and shipments.

Our International Tax Planning services can provide Ronaldo with guidance and advice regarding worldwide tax minimization, use of double tax treaties, and use of an offshore company. After we investigate Ronaldo’s unique situation and investment opportunity we can advise him if investing as an individual or an offshore legal entity may be more favorable in minimizing his taxes. We can also facilitate with offshore bank accounts for Ronaldo’s investment profits to minimize his taxes.

If his investment includes the use of an Intellectual Property we can help Ronaldo with registering patents or copyrights in other countries.

We can help clients to avoid foreign investments pitfalls.