It’s a big, wide world. You should be selling to it.

If your company is like many, you are either doing – or contemplating – doing business in international markets. It’s a big, wide world – you ought to be selling to it.

Before you do this, of course, you need to make sure your business is positioned for maximum advantage – and minimum tax payments.

Position your business for maximum advantage – and minimum tax liability

CS&P can help you with every aspect of your global business including:
• CS&P international tax planning services will advise you where to incorporate to realize the best tax advantage for your new venture.
• CS&P international contracts law will advise you as to the nuances of contracts with the particular country or countries you are planning to work with.
• CS&P international banking experts will provide guidance on setting up bank accounts in tax havens to allow you to conduct financial transactions with minimal impedance.

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Problem: Betty and her husband Michael have experience with rock quarries and selling rocks in their country. They have an opportunity to submit a bid for another country’s government contract to supply rocks for a railway system. They want to be able to set up a company in another country to submit the bid and if they win the bid to be able to purchase rocks from a quarry in one country and have them shipped to the country building the railway. They also want to minimize the taxes they will pay on the contract’s profits.

Solution: We can help Betty and Michael in several ways.

Our International Tax Planning services can provide Betty and Michael with advice on where to form an offshore company which can make the bid and coordinate the purchase and shipping of the rocks tax free.

Our International Contracts Law services can help them with submitting the bid after we have analyzed the government bid specifications and negotiating with the government on the formal contract after Betty and Michael’s offshore company wins the bid.

Our International Banking services will assist their offshore company with opening an offshore bank account in a tax free haven country so the earned interest is tax free.