From temporary officing to permanent staffing solutions

When you’re setting up your offshore company, some of the smallest things turn out to be the biggest challenges. Where should you locate your office? How do you get phones and Internet set up? Couriers, delivery service – even know whom to call to cater lunch.

We provide logistics support in nearly 100 jurisdictions worldwide

Whoever said the little things make a big difference knew what he was talking about.

With people on the ground all over the world, CS&P can provide logistics support in any jurisdiction where you are considering doing business. Our offshore logistical services include:

  • Setting up of local business entities and structures
  • Development of go-to-market strategies
  • Securing of temporary office space and meeting facilities
  • Handling of mail received in any major city
  • Forwarding of mail to other business addresses
  • Local phone and fax services with call forwarding
  • Facilitation of offshore virtual office
  • Business support and logistics services

Let CS&P support you wherever you are in any way you need

We also provide a range of security and intelligence services worldwide through our sister company Gold Bull Security