We are told nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. CS&P can’t do much about the former (though we are working on it). But the latter – taxes – well, we’ve many great solutions. Including one that is perfect for you.

If your home country is raising its tax rates – a common occurrence particularly in some parts of Europe – then CS&P international tax planning services can help you in several ways.

• We can investigate whether there are tax deductions or benefits available to you that you are not taking advantage of.
• We can help you set up offshore accounts in tax haven jurisdictions using multiple legal entities to ensure that you have no tax liability either to your country of residence or the new jurisdiction.
• We can help you look into the benefits of buying a business in a foreign country or starting a new one.
• We can help you consider the option of becoming a citizen of a nation that has a lower tax structure or no income tax at all. Naturally this is a significant decision on oyur part and our residency and citizenship experts will carefully explain the benefits to you and your family as well as any considerations you need to keep in mind.

Problem: Pierre lives in a European country which just increased their income tax rates making it very difficult for him and his family to financially maintain its lifestyle. Pierre wants to reduce his tax liability.

Solution: With our International Tax Planning services we can research his country’s income tax laws to see if there are deductions he is not using or provide a better system of conducting business in order to reduce his taxes.

If Pierre conducts international trade or commerce we can create a system using different legal entities in tax haven countries where this type of business can be conducted with no tax liabilities in either country.

Pierre may also consider becoming a citizen in another country which has lower or no income taxes. With our Residence & Citizenship services we can investigate which of these countries Pierre and his family can qualify for permanent residency leading to full citizenship. Besides determining which immigration visa Pierre and his family qualify for we can research whether he and his family members can qualify for work permits if they wish to be employed.

In addition, we can assist with purchasing an existing business or starting a new company in the host country in which Pierre may be interested in pursuing.

Minimizing income taxes is one of our specialties.

Contact us to find out more about how CS&P international tax professionals can help you reduce the amount of personal or business income tax you owe.