Smart money management is like cash in the bank

Managing money is the fundamental skill of any business or wealthy individual – and today there are more strategies and options for success than ever before. The trick, of course, is knowing which strategy to pursue – and then having a means of evaluating if it’s working, and plan for what to do if it’s not.

Money isn’t just paper – it’s a strategic asset. Manage it well and see your business thrive and your personal wealth soar. Mange it poorly and you can inadvertently undermine everything else you are doing.

Money isn’t just paper. It’s a strategic asset for you to deploy

So how do you manage your money well?

The premier money management practice at CS&P can show you many strategic options for extracting maximum value from your money. Our professional money managers will develop strategies not correlated to market trends – meaning your money will work hard for you whether the market is up, down or sideways. Meaning your money strategy will provide a natural counterbalance to your equities and bonds portfolio – reducing risk and giving you greater upside potential.

The CS&P money management practice focuses on four areas:

  • Commodities
  • Currencies
  • Derivatives
  • Real estate

In addition, we offer the related service of asset protection and tax planning.

For qualified investors, CS&P also provides access to an exclusive asset management service, custom tailored for specific objectives and requirements.

Put CS&P money management strategies to work for you

CS&P money management services are not for everyone. The sophisticated investment vehicles we use may be subject to temporary market downturns and risk of substantial capital destruction is always a possibility, however slight. Therefore, we can offer our money management services only to investors who have sufficient risk capital available – along with realistic expectations for the short and long term.

In the end, we turn away many clients who come to us seeking money management services – and that’s exactly how it ought to be.