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Offshore Banking

Finding the best bank for you and your business is vital

Every business or wealthy individual knows that a successful banking relationship is a critical element for success. The right bank helps keep a business liquid and provides financial perspective and visibility in the market. Finding the right bank account can be difficult, however, especially if you are not yet established in a particular country.

Banks are critical to providing liquidity as well as perspective on market conditions and opportunities

97% of successful businesses would characterize their banking relationship as “very good” or “excellent.” Banks are critical to providing liquidity as well as perspective on market conditions and opportunities.

As you might imagine, when you move your business offshore the right banking relationship is even more important – you’re a stranger in a strange land and need all the local friends you can get. But finding that right relationship when you’re new to a country isn’t always easy.

That’s where the banking experts of CS&P can help. We’ll work with you to understand your requirements from a bank and then use our deep local market knowledge to recommend a shortlist of banks suitable for your needs. We’ll make the introductions and once a bank is selected, we’ll guide you through the process of setting up and operating your offshore account.

Find the right bank for you or your company

And CS&P doesn’t stop there. If you need them, we can help set up merchant accounts and services such as online credit card payment processing. Even if you are engaged in a high-risk business, we have partners who can provide the services you need, including payment gateways, at rates you will find attractive.

For assistance with your international and offshore banking needs, please contact us.

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