Offshore Law Firm

An “offshore law firm” specializes in forming legal entities in different countries. The services provided by the law firm include forming offshore corporations, offshore private foundations, and offshore trusts. In addition, the law firm should be able to provide international tax planning, prepare international contracts, corporate structuring, global asset protection, and wealth management.

Some offshore law firms are merely based in one tax haven country but are able to create offshore corporations, foundations, and trusts in different tax haven countries by hiring another law firm in the other country to handle those entities.

A better offshore law firm has branches in different tax haven countries providing direct services for creating offshore corporations, offshore foundations, and offshore trusts. This is the earmark of a true international law firm. A law firm with branches in different continents providing offshore incorporation in more than 50 countries provides better personalized services depending upon the needs of the client than that of a one tax haven jurisdiction law firm.

Clients from different countries need to use a law firm which knows their language, customs, culture, local tax laws, which can custom tailor solutions based upon the client’s needs.

International business needs can be better met by an offshore law firm which has offices in different countries and several continents with the ability to design superb international business strategies.

An international law firm is better suited to know and use international regulations, offshore jurisdictions, and international tax planning to make the business successful with intelligent financial strategies.

International project developments require a large enough international law firm with global contacts to seek investors, partners, venture capital, and international tax planning. Additional services would include researching viable market conditions, forming management teams, and creating an exit strategy.

Corporate finance is critical to any type of corporate business. An internationally based law firm can provide custom financial advisory services and money management which can pinpoint cost saving measures, minimizes taxes, raise corporate share value, and manage important financial and strategic incidents.

International business consultancy is another service which a global law firm can provide its clients. An international law firm can put together a team of legal, accounting, financial advisers, and offshore banking experts providing the best business strategies.

International tax planning is an essential service to seek from a law firm specializing in taxation. Legally lowering or eliminating clients’ income and corporate taxes should be the goal of any competent law firm.

Attractive business opportunities and investments is another benefit of using a worldwide law firm whose contacts in different jurisdictions can find the best investment deals around the world.

The final service provided by a global offshore law firm is the assistance with relocating to another country. This entails providing immigration advice as to the best residency visas to apply for.