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offshore company formation

Offshore Trusts, Foundations + Other Structures

Offshore enterprises require a solid foundation

The structure of a business is the bones of the organization: if it is sound the business will be fine. If it is not, the business is at risk of collapsing in on itself. A properly configured enterprise has many options as far as tax minimization, asset protection, bureaucracy avoidance, risk management, cost optimization and maintenance of confidentiality.

Proper structure positions your business for tax advantage while offering the agility you need to succeed

Your business’ structure will play a major role in its ultimate success or failure. If your company is configured properly, then in addition to being positioned for tax advantage it will also have the foundation and flexibility needed to pursue its mission. Structured in a less thoughtful manner, your business runs the real risk of not being agile enough to take advantage of opportunities – not to mention running afoul of local laws and regulations

CS&P will help you develop a corporate structure, trust, Offshore foundation or another appropriate entity that is perfectly suited to your needs and also 100% in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Benefit from an advantageous, legally-compliant structure

Our services include:

• Formation of companies (offshore or onshore) – this service is available in more than 80 countries
• Creation of trusts and Offshore foundations
• Registration of branches for foreign corporations
• Company administration and management
• Identification and nomination of fiduciary shareholders and directors
• Hiring of secretaries and managers
• Securing of real estate for representative and registered offices
• Accounting functions including financial statements audit
• Creation of statutory records, plus maintenance and updating
• Tax return preparation, filing
• Assistance with day-to-day management of business affairs

Contact us to find out more about how CS&P offshore services can ensure your business is structured for success.

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