Even if you’re just one man you can operate with the advantages of a company

The great part about being self-employed is being your own boss.

The tough part is that a lot of the companies you want to do business with don’t want to work with an individual. They want to work with a company.

Create a personal service company and increase the number of prospective partners and customers

So you need to become a company – and CS&P can help.

CS&P international business professionals will help you set up your business in a way that is most tax advantageous to you while providing prospective partners the reassurance they need.

Our finance and legal consultants will make sure all your paperwork is properly filed and expediently approved. And we’ll review all your contracts to make sure they are well structured from your standpoint. We’ll even use our deep knowledge of more than 80 government entities around the world to make sure your government bids and contracts are providing maximum value to you.

And when your business is successful and begins throwing off substantial revenues, we’ll help you create an offshore legal entity in a tax haven to shield that income from burdensome tax liability

Discover the advantages of forming a personal service company

Problem: Sean wants to be a building contractor and has lots of experience as a carpenter, plumber, and electrician. However, when he approached home builders about being a contractor he was informed that they only want to work with companies and not individuals. He also approached local government agencies involved with building low income housing and was equally informed that only companies can submit bids not individuals.

Solution: One reason why private home builders do not want to contract with individuals is because they do not want to establish an employment relationship which involves liabilities and social security taxes and income tax withholdings and other accounting expenses.

We can help Sean with forming a Personal Service Company in his country which can submit the bids for building low income housing and work for home builders.

We can also assist Sean with lowering the income taxes which the Personal Service Company will be subject to.

Submitting bids and working for home builders requires contractual relations where we can review the contracts offered by the home builders and negotiate for better terms for Sean’s Personal Service Company.

Before his company submits bids for government building contracts, we can evaluate the specifications and assist Sean’s company with writing the bid and then negotiate with the government agency after his company wins the bid to formalize a contract between the government and Sean’s company.

We can form a personal service company for obtaining a lower taxation and more business opportunities.