A government upheaval can leave your business in ruins

Open any newspaper any day of the week and, unfortunately, you will see it: A political crisis is in the news. Sometimes it’s happening in a far off land.

And sometimes it hits you right where you live.

A political crisis causes more than just uncertainty. It can threaten you, your loved ones and wealth you’ve built. Warring political factions may freeze bank accounts, destroy the economy and cause widespread panic, chaos, destruction and death.

Warring political factions may freeze bank accounts, destroy the economy and cause widespread panic, chaos, destruction and death

Not a happy scenario. And we sincerely hope nothing like it ever happens to you. But in the unfortunate event that it does, the international lawyers and finance professionals at CS&P can help you make smart decisions and take fast, decisive action in the event that a political crisis threatens your prosperity.

In a difficult political situation such as a coup or a civil war, CS&P can help you rapidly move your money out of the country. We’ll set up legal entities in tax-friendly jurisdictions where not only will your assets be safe but you will also enjoy earning tax-free interest income. To safeguard your privacy, the accounts can also be owned anonymously so no one – especially the conflicting political factions – needs to know it’s you.

CS&P can also help if you yourself decide to follow your money and leave the country as well – a difficult decision but one that unfortunately may be necessary. Our international relocation professionals can help you make an educated, strategic decision – even under pressure – as to which nations you should consider emigrating to based on factors such as which ones have the most favorable immigration policies given your legal status. Once you’ve selected the destination, our relocation professionals help you with all the logistics of moving.

Protect your business from the fallout from a political crisis

Problem: Jose lives in a Latin American country which is going through a political crisis because its president has cancer and is not recovering from his last surgery. His country is splitting in two as the political right wants new elections while the leftist government wants to remain in power without a new presidential election. Jose fears this may lead to a civil war or a military coup which will freeze all bank accounts, destroy its economy, and lead to death and destruction in all parts of his country. What can Jose do?

Solution: We can help Jose in several ways. Jose needs to get his money out of the country. We can assist Jose with setting up legal entities in tax haven countries in order to transfer his bank accounts to these safe havens which also have the benefit of not paying taxes on the earned interest and having anonymous ownership of the bank accounts.

Jose may also consider moving to another country to protect himself and his family from political upheaval. We can provide Jose and his family with Relocation Services. He may qualify for immigration to other countries in which we can investigate and present him with options for migration to a safer country.