Living the Private Life

A personal concierge discreetly offering practically any service you might need. Buying and selling yachts and planes without your name being involved. Assisting you with tax planning and asset protection.

Privacy, security and peace of mind are assets you and your family deserve

These are symbols of what is often referred to as the good life. And good it is, but there is more: They are part of a way of life that maximizes your privacy and wellbeing. All of these services – and many others – have one thing in common: Their objective is to secure your privacy. And that should not come as a surprise: Protecting your privacy is the most important thing we do.

Yes, you read that right: Wealth measured only as a dollar value is, well, pretty much worthless. But wealth as a means to an end – that is where things get interesting. True wealth requires purpose. And our purpose is not only to help you build that wealth. It is to ensure that you maintain it, enjoy it and secure it for yourself and your loved ones.

Enjoying what you have earned can be more of a challenge than you might think. Because chances are you may wish to engage in activities that tend to draw attention. Do you want to host a dinner at the hottest new restaurant in a European or Asian capital? Hold a private screening of a just-released blockbuster in your home cinema? Mingle with music royalty at Coachella? These high-profile activities could draw unwanted attention, which is why it’s important that the arrangements be made by a third party who understands the dynamics of these sorts of events.

Enjoy life’s rewards, including the hardest to obtain: Privacy and wellbeing.

Now, if you are wondering why we make so much of privacy, the answer is this: Failure to develop, execute and maintain a privacy strategy can literally destroy all that a person has worked to achieve, can cause irreparable harm to one’s family and lifestyle. You need only look at the high-profile hacking episodes in the realms of politics and entertainment – and the lives that were shattered as a result – to see the potential damage that can result. And you know that for every case splashed across the headlines, there are ten more that have had the same effect without the front-page press.

Of course, living the private life is more than just a matter of employing the highest level of security in your communications and lifestyle – though doing so it critical to the success of your privacy strategy. To that end, we, of course, use industrial-strength, banking-level encryption in all communications with you and in any data we store in connection with your account – that’s a given. Perhaps more important, we also educate you about privacy and what you need to do to ensure your security and that of your family and your assets. Whether it’s digital or physical security, we give you the support you need – so you can rest easy.

Which, come to think of it, is the whole reason we’re working together in the first place.

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