We can find, deliver and manage your private aircraft or vessel

We enjoy almost every aspect of our work, but this part is particularly rewarding. Finding and acquiring aircraft and vessels requires a combination of diverse talents – financing, deal structuring, contracts and so on. At CS&P not only are we happy to take you yacht shopping, but we also provide a range of services that will provide the most favorable scenario for the acquisition and ownership of your chosen boat or jet or ground transport.

Our team will structure the most advantageous arrangement for purchase and ownership

Whether you’re interested in a corporate or private aircraft, a pleasure yacht or a company-owned ship, our team of professionals can help you manage every aspect of finding, acquiring and owning of a large corporate jet, a light propeller plane, a helicopter or any kind of watercraft you’re considering.

Your flight is waiting. Let us help you acquire it

Our team will help structure the most advantageous solution for purchasing and ownership of the craft. Taking into consideration your intended use of the craft, we’ll help you choose the best offshore jurisdiction for registration, factoring into the equation the area’s reputation and cost structure, as well as tax issues and possible benefits.

How you intend to use the craft or vehicle – and where you will use it – have profound implications on which offshore jurisdiction is best for purchasing and registering it, as cost structure, tax ramifications and other criteria are factored in.

We are also able to help with insurance, accounting, recordkeeping, budget forecasting and other tedious tasks required to enable you to enjoy your acquisition.