Your business is like a shark. If it isn’t moving, it’s probably dead.

Even a profitable business requires a steady supply of new opportunities – lest it risk missing the next big thing, stagnating or worse, reversing course or becoming irrelevant.

CS&P helps companies reach the next level and continue to grow by actively hunting for and presenting the deals companies need access to in order to stay strong and healthy.

We bring you opportunities tailored to the needs of your particular business

And while other consultants may claim to bring deals to the table, what they typically do is find opportunities that match their preconceived notion of themselves and the company they are advising.

CS&P takes the opposite approach: We put our client at the center of the analysis, looking for opportunities to exploit and enhance that company’s strengths or shore up its weaknesses. We can even help our clients incubate the new business to ensure it becomes a strong and healthy player in the market.

Let CS&P help you identify and evaluate potential opportunities

Criteria on which we evaluate possible deals:

  • Innovation and creativity: Does this idea bring something new – and desirable to market?
  • Founder’s vision: Do the entrepreneurs have what it takes to players in the start-up world?
  • 110% commitment: Some entrepreneurs work on multiple startups simultaneously, all getting insufficient attention. Is this project a business or a hobby?
  • Market conditions: Even if it’s a great idea, is the world ready for it? Or are you late? Or too early?
  • How high is up: Is this idea replicable on a vast, global scale?
  • Exit strategy: Is there a buyer on the horizon? An IPO? How do investors achieve liquidity?
  • Team: Does the company have a team in place? Or can we build one? Do they have the experience and managerial acumen to bring this idea to market?