Home is where the residence permit is

The excitement of living abroad. The security of having official, documented residency.

It’s everyone’s secret dream: To pick up and transplant oneself and one’s family abroad.

And besides the adventure, think about the advantages: There could be relaxed tax laws and other appealing financial requirements (or lack thereof). Plus, with tensions and unrest among the citizenry in more and more nations once perceived as stable, taking a extended respite from your land of origin might be a good way to avoid a protracted and unpleasant ordeal.

Now, every country has its own requirements for granting permanent residency – and, surprise, those requirements change regularly, often on a mere whim. You may be familiar with “citizenship by investment,” which involves earning citizenship by parking assets in the new country’s banking system. Some nations are quite open about the practice while others prefer to discuss it behind closed doors. Not knowing the proper protocols can lead to rapid termination of what would otherwise be a mutually beneficial arrangement. So if foreign residency is what you wish to have, then it is critical to seek the guidance of an expert on the subject who understands the requirements across the relevant jurisdictions and can help you make educated choices along the way.