Hey, it’s your idea. You deserve to receive all the income it generates.

A “starving artist” is a poetic concept. But wouldn’t you rather earn – and keep – the most you can from your work?

If you have composed music, written a manuscript or created any other intellectual property, CS&P can offer a range of legal, tax planning and financial management services to protect your rights, maximize your income and minimize the amount of tax you owe.

Our intellectual property team makes sure all appropriate trademark and copyright filings have been made

Our intellectual property team will make sure that the proper trademark and copyright filings have been made. We’ll ensure the terms of your royalty payments are fair and that you receive the monies to which you’re entitled. And on your behalf we’ll negotiate licensing agreements that ensure your work receives as much exposure to remunerative opportunities as possible.

Of course, what’s the point of earning all this income if you just end up giving it back in taxes? CS&P tax mitigation professionals will provide strategies for reducing or eliminating the amount of tax you owe.

So go ahead, create that intellectual property. CS&P will handle the rest.

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Problem: Martin has written many songs and stories which never published until now. A musical band read one of his songs and wants to record it as a single on their next album. As luck has it, Martin has been informed that a publishing company wants to publish a manuscript of his as a book. Martin has no experience dealing with music and book royalties and is afraid that the contracts prepared by the band’s recording company and the book’s publishing company may take advantage of his ignorance by paying him less than what he deserves.

Solution: We can provide Martin with legal, taxation, and profit management services which can ensure that his rights are protected with the upcoming contracts and with minimizing his income taxes along with royalties’ management.

Our Intellectual Property services can assure Martin that his songs and manuscripts are legally Copyrighted and his Royalty Payments will be fair. Song writers have rights and are entitled to large royalties as long as they follow the law in order to protect and assert their artistic rights. We can help Martin to achieve this. Licensing contracts (of his Copyrighted works to musicians, record companies, and book publishers) can be tricky which requires competent and experienced legal assistance which we can provide.

Royalty payments can occur for many years based on the success of the song and his book. His songs can be used by other musicians who must pay additional royalties as a licensed user of Martin’s songs. Follow up albums by the original band using Marin’s single will lead to further royalty payments. If Martin’s book should end up being used for a movie, a play, or a TV show; new licensing contracts along with licensing fees and royalties will need to be negotiated and paid in which we can help Martin with.

We can even provide him with Profit Management services should Martin’s royalty’s amount to large payments which Martin may not know what to do with his new found wealth.

Our intellectual properties services protect artists and inventors, lower their taxes, and manage their profits.