Failure to plan your tax strategy is a plan that’s guaranteed to fail

Taxes are lower abroad. So why are you keeping your assets at home?

Let the politicians debate how much to collect in taxes and what to do with the proceeds.

From your standpoint, there should be only one principle with regard to taxes: Less is more. And one guaranteed way to reduce your tax liability dramatically is through an offshore business entity. CS&P can provide the guidance you need to navigate international tax laws and use them to your advantage, with services including:

  • Strategies for reducing your tax burden via maintaining assets in multiple international jurisdictions
  • Holistic approach to your personal tax planning, estates, family offices and corporations
  • Strategies for using immigration and/or emigration to reduce tax liability
  • Restructuring legal entities including business partnerships to achieve maximum tax advantage
  • Understanding reciprocal tax treaties and their power to produce tax burden reduction
  • Use of global tax structures as a strategy for assets domiciled in high-tax areas
  • Tax reduction via offshoring of assets and businesses
  • Appraisal of taxable income and reduction via creation international dividends, interests and royalties.
  • Use of cost sharing agreements on controlled foreign corporation (CFC) regulations
  • Fair market pricing of asset transfers
  • Compliance strategies to reduce risk of incurring anti-avoidance/anti-abuse penalties