Establishing the right structure for your business: companies, trusts, foundations…

How you structure your business is important and will serve as its foundation. If your company’s structure is sound, then your business will benefit. If you instead do not choose the correct way to structure your business, you will place it at risk of failing. With proper business structuring, your business can enjoy many benefits, including avoiding bureaucracy, protecting assets, minimizing taxes, managing risk, optimizing costs and maintaining confidentiality. If you are planning an international expansion of your business, it is vital that you plan carefully so that you do not run afoul of the Byzantine rules that exist in each jurisdiction in which you plan to operate.

The proper structure can offer tax advantages and business agility for success

How you structure your business will play a large role in its success or failure. When your company is properly structured, it will position you for tax advantages while also providing a solid foundation from which your business can operate. Good business structuring can also offer your business the flexibility that it requires so that you can pursue its business mission. If you structure your business in a manner that is not well-thought out, your business may not be agile enough to take advantage of the available opportunities, and it might also violate local regulations and laws.

CS&P can help you to develop a trust, corporate structure, foundation or another proper entity that is well-suited to your needs while also being 100 percent in compliance with the local laws and rules of the jurisdictions in which your business operates.

Derive benefits from an advantaged and legally compliant business structure

  • Business formation in more than 80 countries
  • Creation of trusts and foundations
  • Registration of branches for foreign corporations
  • Corporate management and administration
  • Support for shareholders and directors
  • Recruitment and hiring of managers and secretaries
  • Procurement of real estate for registered and representative offices
  • Completion of financial statements, audits and accounting functions
  • Creation, maintenance and updating of statutorily required records
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Assistance with day-to-day tasks involved with the management of the business

Our consultants can also help your company to establish subsidiaries, representative offices and branch offices in foreign jurisdictions. Each different type of entity or structure offers its own potential benefits.