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world class team

Your World-Class Team

There is no “I” in team. However, there is in win.

When hiring an advisor, you are well advised to ask: Who’s on my team? Am I working with the people pitching my business (typically the senior executives)? Or do they melt away once I sign on as a client, to be replaced by last week’s new hires for on-the-job training?

At CS&P, we will hold up the collective wisdom of our individuals against that of any other firm anywhere on the planet. Yes, we are that good.

Our team covers a wide range of disciplines – finance, deal structuring, opportunity analysis, marketing, asset protection, International tax planning, operations and more. And these individuals are highly experienced and accomplished – an all-star team, if you like. It’s a horizontal organization; we don’t believe in layers. If someone’s good enough, he rises to the top. If not, we have no need for him.

What does this mean to you? Quite simply, it means that when you deal with CS&P, you can get right down to business. You’re talking with the right resource, right away – not some junior executive who has to call the home office for instructions every five minutes. At CS&P we believe it’s all about the experience – the depth of our experience, and the quality of your experience with us.

What is a fiduciary? A fiduciary is a professional that acts for the benefit of another person, with the highest degree of good faith, loyalty, integrity, prudence and dedicated service to the beneficiary’s interests. Fiduciaries are expected to maintain a higher standard of professional behavior than average people, and they always put the interests of beneficiaries first. No matter your reason for seeking an advisor, at CS&P we’ve got you covered.

Click on the bios to meet the members of our team – a diverse group that provides CS&P clients with capabilities unconstrained by time zones, geography or language. From French to Italian, Arabic to Hindi, Swahili to Russian to Chinese and more, CS&P offers clients nearly limitless potential to set up and thrive internationally.

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