NOTE: This article applies to corporations that are operating a business in Panama: those with offices, employees, and/or a physical presence. It does not apply to corporations or foundations that are used for asset protection, holding companies for bank accounts, etc. Panama has adopted a set of transfer pricing regulations similar to the United States, […]

The place of a company’s incorporation and daily management of a business activity plays an important role in a company’s development. Choosing one rather than another country for the company’s incorporation might mean a significant reduction of taxes, resulting in a more cost-effective business management. Offshore business environment provides attractive opportunities for diverse business activities, […]

The banking sector is one of the main industries in Latvia, since its independence in 1991. There are strong secrecy laws, and the Latvian courts efficiently enforce them. The main law is the Law on Credit Institutions, passed in 1995. Section 61 of the Law states that “it is the duty of a credit institution […]

For more information about offshore foundations, their use, characteristics, and benefits (in particular in terms of asset protection, privacy, estate planning), read our article on

The phrase “offshore company incorporation” means incorporating a company in another country other than your own. While a company can be incorporated in any country in the world, tax professionals advise doing so in a country which does not compel paying income taxes on their profits. There are several countries which do not tax their […]

The words “anonymous banking” imply that someone wants to have a bank account where no one knows who owns it. How To Open Anonymous Bank Account Anonymous banking can be accomplished in several ways. One way to have anonymous banking is to first set up an offshore corporation in a tax haven country. Most of […]

International business has changed considerably in the past several decades and “offshore incorporation services” are in demand now, more than ever before. Just as new forms of businesses have emerged over the years, new ways of doing business have also evolved. Accompanying these new developments are new issues as well. A more contentious business type […]

MAIN FEATURES OF CYPRUS INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANIES (IBCs) We would like to point out at the outset, that as you may know, an off-shore company, is a private company limited by shares, governed by the provisions of the Companies Law Cap 113, which is identical to the English Companies Act of 1948. The activities of […]

It is advantageous to use opportunities offered by today’s international banking world. Many private persons and corporate entities choose to open an offshore bank account in order to protect their own privacy and minimize taxes. An offshore bank account is a bank account set up in a bank outside your home country, thus the word […]

What is An Offshore Tax Planning? Offshore tax planning can be defined as hiring a tax attorney or an accountant to design a strategy to lower your income taxes by using legal entities located “offshore” outside of your home country. Finding the Correct Country for Offshore Tax Planning country for offshore tax planning has a […]